Revealing BrandMonitor's tried-and-tested tactics for combating counterfeiting in Turkey.
Make Turkish
Counterfeiters fear your brand.
August 4, 11:00 GMT+1
August 4, 11:00 EST
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Join BrandMonitor’s exploration of Turkey’s counterfeit market. In this webinar, we’ll unveil strategies that have safeguarded clients from revenue losses in millions of Turkish Lira. Discover our proven approach, learn what works, and what doesn’t in this complex market.
60 Minutes
4 Speakers
One-hour deep dive into brand protection
Actionable insights from four industry experts
Practical Tips
Proven, currently-effective brand protection strategies
Q&A Session
Address your concerns, get answers
Legislation and Challenges: a concise exploration of Turkey's counterfeit market, focusing on the legislative landscape, online and offline obstacles, and the reality of managing unresponsive marketplaces.
Case Studies: we'll share our unique approach to brand protection in Turkey, including a successful case where we significantly safeguarded a client's interests. This segment will offer an insightful look at practical strategies and their real-world effectiveness.
interactive Q&A Session: An open floor for audience questions and answers to discuss and clarify all aspects of the topics covered.
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Our agenda is divided into three segments for clarity and focus:
Invited Experts
Introducing a team of dedicated professionals who specialize in combating counterfeiting in Turkey
  • Burak Balli
    IP Counsel, Turkiye, Ankara
  • Maria Solodilova
    Head of International Business Development
  • H. Koray Altay
    Business Consultant, Brand Protection Strategy Advisor, Turkiye
  • Daniil Shmyrin
    Head of Legal, International
Make Turkish Counterfeiters fear your brand.
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Option2: 11:00 EST
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August 4th
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August 4, 11:00 GMT+1
August 4, 11:00 EST
Free Zoom Conference